Friends, Clients, Colleagues, and Community Members,

As we stand on the edge of history, during a time of uncertainty, fear, angst, and isolation, we at Alpenglow Law want you all to know that we are here for you, professionally and personally.  Although we are available, as always, to assist with your legal needs, we also take our role as counselors and community leaders very seriously.  If you want a friendly ear or a helping hand, we can help or can connect you to the proper resources if your need is outside of our bailiwick.  There is no shame in feeling vulnerable in this bizarre, unprecedented epoch.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason.  We are firmly committed to the physical, mental, and financial health of our community and its citizens, businesses, and organizations.  We believe strongly that we will all persevere together.

T.J. Voboril can be contacted directly at (970) 306-6456 and

Dan Reynolds can be contacted directly at (970) 331-5321 and

Our operations have not been affected by the coronavirus and we can communicate with you via videoconference, over the phone, or over e-mail.  We remain dedicated to serving you.

Best wishes to you and your kith and kin,

T.J. and Dan