Alpenglow Law’s approach to civil dispute resolution treats each dispute as a unique journey from the trailhead (beginning of the dispute) to the summit (what the client identifies as a successful resolution).

Whether as an advocate in litigation and appeals or as a mediator, founding partner T.J. Voboril applies this philosophy to resolve simple and complex civil disputes on behalf of and between all manner and size of people, businesses, and organizations either on the plaintiff or defense side.

As with any difficult quest, there are many variables to consider and pitfalls to avoid; T.J. has the patience and skills to treat each conflict with the attention that it deserves.


At the litigation trailhead, the attorney-client team must explore all options for reaching the summit and answer the key question of what constitutes their mountaintop. Identifying success allows the team to marshal the supplies necessary for the trek at hand. Generally, the main options for proceeding from the trailhead consist of:

  1. Going Home: letting go of the dispute due to economic or emotional factors. Sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate or the team members are fatigued and not prepared for the journey.
  2. Having a Pow-wow: engaging in informal negotiations or formal mediation with the other disputant(s). Talking through a problem may allow each side to gain the other’s perspective and conclude that the odyssey is either not necessary or can be pursued together.
  3. Taking a Short Walk: assessing the other side’s willingness to pursue the dispute by sending a demand letter or similar step forward without committing too many resources. Often, the best way to know how prepared each team is for the journey is to set off in a limited way to assess conditions.
  4. Embarking on an Expedition: filing or responding to a lawsuit with a view toward going to trial or arbitration. This is not a light undertaking and many physical and psychological provisions will be needed to weather the long and difficult climb to the summit.

While the journey progresses, the objective may change as circumstances both internal (such as provision shortages/lack of money or time) and external (like clear weather/favorable court rulings) unfold or additional routes are presented. A planned Short Walk may turn into an Expedition. An Expedition may choose to Go Home after a mid-journey Pow-wow. As long as there is communication between the team and the new goal is well understood, there is nothing wrong with altering the destination. However, just like during any venture, sometimes the choices that are made do not allow backtracking and the safest or only way to proceed is forward.

All of the attributes that apply to a successful mountaineering team apply to the attorney-client relationship in litigation. Communication, trust, and patience are paramount. Fierce but compassionate, T.J. is the ideal guide for your litigation campaign.

He understands when to be bold and push for the summit and when to be cautious and wait for conditions to better reveal themselves. Even when aggressively pushing the team’s interests, T.J. remains unfailingly respectful, believing strongly in the honorable nature of his chosen profession.


A team’s bid for the summit may be denied by decree of the trial court, that god of the mountain. But all may not be lost. When the trial court makes a final ruling, it is subject to potential revision by the higher authority of the appeals court(s) or panel(s). Even if your team has made it to the summit and obtained a favorable judgment, the other side’s appeal may imperil your ability to remain on the mountaintop. Whether renewing your push for the summit or attempting to stay there, T.J. Voboril is your guide through the extended Expedition of the appeals process.

Adept at written briefing and in oral argument, T.J. is a natural choice to pursue or defend appeals in state or federal court or before other appeals panels. He victoriously defended a national title insurance company at the trial level and after oral argument before the Colorado Court of Appeals in Sifton v. Stewart Title Guaranty Company, 259 P.3d 542 (Colo. App. 2011).

Just like in a summit bid, time is of the essence as there are temporal limits to asserting appeal rights. Contact T.J. to explore your team’s options for appeal.


Although each team in a dispute may think itself well-prepared to reach the mountaintop, any smart expedition knows that an external, non-partisan perspective can be invaluable. When a conflict arises, sometimes the best and most efficient solution is to have a mediator facilitate discussion and assist the parties in attaining compromise. Focused so intently on reaching their designated mountaintop, sometimes the warring teams do not realize that the summit of cooperation is the summit that they were seeking all along.

Through Voice Of Reason Dispute Resolution, the company that T.J. founded and manages, he mediates all types of personal or business disputes whether they are already embroiled in litigation or have yet to take that leap. If you have already assembled your expedition team but need a mediator/spirit guide for the journey, contact T.J. at (970) 306-6456 or to enlist his assistance.