Casual is for slacks
Worn by unfashionable drones
On the day that they
Celebrate salvation from their
Mundane existence

Casual is for the encounters
That form an entire section
Of the free online marketplace
And are of a moment in time
Or maybe still a thing?

Casual is used to describe
Racists in a way that must
Be a joke since hate
Is not something prone
To subtlety or dabbling

Casual is the manner
She assumed when she decided
To walk away from the
Flower who made her the best
Version of herself

Casual is the glance that I
Attempted to project
Upon first casting eyes
On you but obviously
I failed miserably

Casual is the cruelty
With which he lobs
The epithets that explode
Like grenades in the
Bunker of your heart

Casual is the shield
That you use to guard
Against that which
Cannot be parried
Because it is life

Casual is a convenient
Fiction that we read
To each other even
As the pages
Spin a different tale

Casual is for strolling
At a speed that my legs
Do not seem to travel
And therefore disorients
My sense of distance

Casual is beige,
A color that has its own charm
But does not look good on me.
If I can’t be red,
I’d rather be blue.