Pronounced in a certain fashion
It sounds more like mole than mall
And that doesn’t seem like a coincidence
For a place illuminated by bulb and not sun
But I’m no linguist

Parking is a particular misnomer
At a location with only fake trees
We should call it circling or maddening
Or really should just be chill about it
Except these drivers are absurd and criminal

Awkward teens trail olfactory nostalgia
Overzealous cologne and the Abercrombie store
Disorient my sense of time, twist my geography
The imprint of high school is recalled in the attitudes
And the fashions, which are still far from flattering

Pedestrians loll at a glacial pace
That stokes my ire because this is
A place of commerce and not recreation
Eyes scanning ahead strategically
We weave through the throngs

The stops along our quest
Are inevitably interspersed at maximum remove
A fun navigational challenge since
Everything looks largely the same
Didn’t we already pass that play area?

Gorgeous, elegant couture arranged
In the ennui of minimalism
That does not quite extend to the price tags
With the clothes bearing an even higher cost
Swiftly churned out on backs that could never afford them

Bargain shopping is not only a matter of money
You can also trade your soul for the
Right deal or at least that super cute pantsuit
Worth it
But I’m no accountant

Memories of the fatigue set in first
Harbinger of the weariness that beckons
Espresso martinis bring rejuvenation and a retro vibe
I thought that term meant the ‘60s
But now refers to my childhood

There is progress marked in the
Androgyny that characterizes collections luxe and not
Be who you want to be means
That the kids now have to find something
Else to use as ammunition against each other

We walk out of the doors but can never leave
The power of the place is eternal
A great equalizer that stratifies
Built in a specific location that could be anywhere
The site(s) of many loves and losses